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Spring South West - Strategic Business Consultancy - is committed to unlocking the potential of your business.

Targetting its input for the short, medium or long term, Spring South West is specifically tailored to the needs of clients, to differentiate your business for sustained commercial success.

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Spring South West

Phil Johnston

Phil Johnston has 25 years senior commercial management and marketing experience within the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industry, most recently in senior commercial roles at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). In May 2006 he was appointed to the Board of the Met Office to lead the commercial business, drive change and influence the future shape, focus and performance of the Office.

He is a high impact strategic business leader with proven abilities in helping organisations through complex change and improved performance.

Focussing on delivery of strategy, innovation and organisational improvement, Phil shapes organisations, brands and products with customer focus.

He is committed to excellence and to maximising the potential of individuals, teams and organisations.

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